One of the fundamental pillars of our company has been the close relationship we keep with the growers that have chosen to work with us, which, season after season, grow organically by our side, depositing their trust in our business.
Remaining always vigilant to the needs of the growers that have associated with us, and delivering excellent service, we help them perfect their agricultural standards and obtain certifications with the guidance of our professionals. To keep nurturing our close relationships with these growers, it has been of vital importance to always keep a clear and constant channel of communication with them, always ready to make the quick decisions required to react to the dynamic changes in different markets.
Exportadora Sol del Maule SpA also provides on-site expert assistance in order to improve grower’s production standards, in order to assure the quality of our exports.
The growers that work with Exportadora Sol del Maule SpA possess their Global G.A.P, GRASP, organic, and other certifications that allow us to reach our destination markets, as well as exporting organic fruit.



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